Meet Our Team

Janai Hernandez

Janai Hernandez is a Marketing Director based in Florida’s West Coast. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Janai moved to Miami, FL in 1998 to establish her adult life.

Janai Hernandez is a proud American citizen earning a Bachelor Degree from Florida International University in Business Administration with minors in Nutrition and Broadcasting.

Her first professional role after graduating college was in radio broadcasting. Janai was a popular on air personality for WAVS1170 in Broward County, FL. Her responsibilities included co-hosting and creating daily content for a 3 hour morning drive time program, booking interesting and entertaining guests as well as creating community events benefiting the under-privileged in Broward County.

Janai doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet…during this time she utilized her nutrition degree to become a certified wellness coach. She mentored her colleagues, friends and clients on the benefits of nutrition and healthy habits. Additionally, Janai had the opportunity to start a family owned business. Along with her brother, they created a residential and commercial painting business that was eventually sold to a larger competitor.

Janai wanted to utilize her business degree to help others and accepted a position with one of the largest executive office suite companies in the USA. As General Manager, she managed over 300 business owners office suites earning numerous awards for outstanding client service.

Janai’s desire to be constantly challenged led her to be recruited by the largest home inspection company in Florida. She was tasked with opening up a new territory in the extremely competitive home inspection market in Tampa, Florida. She successfully created and managed a team of marketing representatives that helped drive company revenue to over $7 million dollars.

Most recently, the allure of working in a family owned business presented itself to Janai. She didn’t hesitate when the opportunity to own an automotive business with her brother became available. This industry combines the entirety of Janai’s professional career experiences. Utilizing her business, marketing, sales, administration, management and people skills, Janai and her brother fast tracked the business from her brother’s backyard to the current location serving the Port Charlotte metro area.

As a mom, wife, sister and business owner, Janai balances all her responsibilities with joy, kindness and a motivational mindset that is impossible to keep up with. Additionally, Janai’s love for her fur-babies is shared among her rescued Tuxedo Cat, Victoria,

Nala the Persian Cat, Bella the Shih Tzu and the newest family member Luna the French Bulldog.

Lucas Hernandez

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Lucas Hernandez learned at a young age that education would be the key to his success. Lucas earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and moved to the United States.

He established himself in Miami, FL working in the real estate industry building construction along with residential and commercial painting. Upon gaining this experience, Lucas opened his first company in 2007 with his sister Janai. Walls and Designs of the World was an immediate success in South Florida as a residential painting company. He expanded his painting expertise into commercial painting and established Fine Solutions in 2010. The company serviced a large client base throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Leveraging the success of the painting businesses, Lucas wanted to have a more impactful role supporting small business owners. His keen business insights, values and motivations propelled Lucas to relocate to the West Coast of Florida. He established a transportation brokerage agency focused on the trucking needs of business owners in the building and construction industries.

Working as a successful solopreneur, Lucas had a desire to return to running a family business with his sister Janai. He proposed a business venture in the transportation industry creating JL Auto Deals. With his tenacity, perseverance and a businessman of character, Lucas continues to exceed his business goals by helping small business owners reach their own goals and creating a flourishing business community.

In his free-time, Lucas is an active outdoor enthusiast enjoying camping, mountain biking, relaxing at the beach and cooking his favorite Venezuelan dishes.